Post marked as spam FIXED

Turns out Livejournal does have a handy dandy 'this user is not a spambot' button. My posts are no longer marked as spam automatically. And even better, my request to Support was replied to in just one day. How about that? A Help section that is in fact genuinely helpful and fast to boot. The best service I've ever had, far better than I've ever received from Help/Support of things I've paid for (*cough*adobe/wacom/amazon*cough*).

Thank you very much Livejournal, you have restored my faith in the free stuff on the internet. :)

Still can't post comments elsewhere

Its like being in a bubble. Can't post comments to other livejournals. I've joined them, emailed them and got a reply saying I'm cleared. But no, livejournal hates me and still marks me as spam. Google searches on how to fix this fail me.


I am posting an entry so LJ knows I am a real person, posting for real stuff, not some bot!